LMC Foundation

Lee Monument Foundation

Lee Monument Foundation is a non-profit organization designed to help families that can not afford to purchase a headstone for their child become a reality.

The child/children must have been between the ages of infant (zero months) to 5 years old (60 months) at the time of their death(s).

The person making the request for the headstone must be the owner of the grave (no exceptions)

The cemetery must be located in Philadelphia, Pa. (Philadelphia County) No exceptions.


● There will be three different styles of designs for the artwork

● There will only be one size headstone ( flat marker 18 x 12 )

● All cemeteries may not be participating in our program so there may be cemetery fees that the family would be reasonable for.

● LMC Foundation will review all applications and has the right to approve and disapprove applicants.

● LMC Foundation reserves the right to not be held to a set date for the headstone to be placed. In order to keep everything cost effective all headstones will be set at the same time. All headstones will be set one year from the cut off date. ( August 16, 2023 )

● The owner of the grave is the only person that is allowed to order the headstone. ( No Exceptions )

● The person making the request of the headstone must be a Philadelphia County resident and the owner of the grave. ( No Exceptions )

● The owner of the grave must sign the cemetery permit. ( No Exceptions )

● The child/children must be a Philadelphia resident.

● The deaths(s) must have occurred as a result of a violent act as determined by the Philadelphia Police Department, Philadelphia District Attorney’s office, or the Philadelphia Medical Examiner’s office. Violent crime is generally composed of four offenses: murder and nonnegligent manslaughter, rape, robbery and aggravated assault.

● The death must have happened between January 1, 2018 and December 31, 2022 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County). This time frame of eligibility can change at the discretion of Lee Monument Foundation.

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